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Water Heaters

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Electric water heaters

Using this type of water heaters can be the best option when you need a sufficient quantity of hot water, and electricity for your home or the number of power for your cottage does not allow to use tankless water heaters, the average power consumption of which is ranging from 5 to 27 kW. Electric water heaters with tank are simple and reliable devices, the main elements of which are the inner tank and the heating element - heater. Fuel tank capacity, most manufacturers of water heaters typically range from 10 to 200 liters, the power from 1,2 to 2,5 kW. These two parameters determine the time of heating water in the boiler. For the 10 -, 15-liter boiler it takes about 30-40 minutes, for 200-liter - 5-8 hours. In addition to the tank and heating spiral, water heater usually consists of: magnesium anode (to prevent corrosion of the tank), insulation (conserves heat hot water), thermostat (allows you to set the desired temperature), the outer casing (gives the appearance of the boiler), the valve (for grazing pressure).

Thus, electrical capacitance water heaters can be classified into the following basic parameters:

1) volume;

2) Power of heating element;

3) insulating material (polyurethane foam, mineral wool);

4) type of coating / material tank (steklofarfor, enamel, titanium enamel / stainless steel);

5) position (vertical, horizontal, under the sink, over the sink);

6) the presence or absence of built-in coil.

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Gas water heaters

Now a few words about the capacitive gas water heaters. Gas water heaters in some cases are much more advantageous than electrical, and their higher price is more than pay for itself in the operation, because the cost of gas is several times less than the cost of electricity. Comfort provided by capacitive water heaters, gives them the opportunity, under certain conditions, to successfully compete with gas tankless water heaters.

It is important to note that many companies produce two types of capacitive gas water heaters:

1) natural draft (with open combustion chamber);

2) with a forced draft (with a sealed combustion chamber).

Water heaters with forced draft has the following advantages: does not require an additional flow of air into the room to maintain the burning process, reduce capital investment to install, since there is no need to make expensive traditional chimney, instead of which has been successfully used short and inexpensive coax. Their main drawback is significantly higher cost compared to water heaters with open combustion chamber (approximately 1.5-fold).

The main elements of gas capacitive water heaters are:

1) tank is protected inside with a special coating and fitted with a magnesium anode to prevent corrosion;

2) outer shell of steel, covered with a layer of paint;

3) insulation, which reduces heat loss;

4) the hood, which prevents the backflow of exhaust gases;

5) atmospheric gas burner;

6) control unit;

7) protection system that shut off gas in case of abnormal operation.

How to choose a water heater?

To select the volume of a water heater you should know the average one-time usage of hot water by one man.

Bathroom 150-180 L

Shower 50-90 L

Washbasin 6-17 L

Sinks 20-30 L

Given the number of family members and your individual needs in hot water with the help of this table, you'll be able to choose an indicative amount of required water heater. Typically, the most popular models for use in a house are water heaters (boilers) with capacity from 100 to 200 L. Most of the companies produces vertical or horizontal water heaters (boilers) (the exception is the company Electrolux, which produces models that can be positioned both vertically and horizontally). Choosing a water heater depends only on the convenience of placing in a particular area. If the location of water heater does not matter, it is logical to buy a vertical water heater, because usually when all the other parameters are equal, its price is lower.

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