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The term HVAC, that means heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is denoted a system consisting of air conditioners, heaters and fans. This system plays not only an important role in ensuring your comfort, integrated HVAC system may be a central part of a smart house and work on a given program (for example, include air-conditioning at a certain time) or actuate certain devices (such as automatically closing the curtains in a living room with achieving a certain level of temperature).

There are many devices designed to make your home more comfortable. For example moisturizers can be added to your HVAC system (and switch some modules to them for enhanced functionality). You can set filters to clean the air inside your home and install zone controllers of your HVAC system to maintain the required temperature in certain parts of the house.

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In commercial property the importance of literacy selection and setting optimal engineering systems is difficult to overestimate. Every developer should strive to choose not only the appropriate regulatory documents of elevators, fire protection equipment, HVAC systems, traffic control, air conditioning and ventilation, but also to the decision on preferences in a given equipment according to market demand, prospects for the development of technologies, expert advices. One of the most complex and demanding tasks in the development of commercial property is the design and installation of HVAC systems.

Creating a microclimate in commercial real estate means providing it with several engineering systems whose task is to maintain the necessary for normal functioning of the staff parameters in a building (for air exchange, thermal, clean air, a certain level of humidity).

HVAC systems have several layers of management. For example, if the heater power is just not enough for desired temperature, then the second device is turned on (second level of management) and an additional amount of heat is allocated. The same thing happens with air conditioning, the second air conditioner will be turned on to achieve sufficient cooling.

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