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Air Conditioners

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Consumer features of air conditioners.

To make the right choice of air conditioner, you need to know its consumer functions. Here are the basics.

The possibility of heating the room. There are air conditioners, which can only cool the air, and air conditioners with the possibility of heating the air.

Air conditioner heats the air not with electric heating spiral as the heater does, but due to the heat transfer from the outside into the room. Thus, in a heating mode there is the same process as in a cooling mode.

"Warm" air conditioner generates heat three times more than it consumes electricity, but it can not work in winter. Heating function can be fitted in air conditioners of any type.

The possibility of ventilation. There is a widespread view that any air conditioner can not only cool, but also ventilate the air in the room. In fact, air conditioner does not get the air from the outside, but only cools the already existing. Function of adding fresh air is available only for channel air conditioners.

Automatic mode. In this mode the air conditioner selects the operating mode (cooling, heating or ventilation) to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Drainage. In a dry mode air conditioner reduces the humidity. This function is needed in areas with humid climate. Generally speaking, cooling of air is always accompanied by its dehumidification. Warm air comes into contact with the cold heat exchanger (radiator) of an indoor unit, as a result the heat exchanger condenses the moisture, which is drained through a drainage hose. The same principle works in all the modern air dryers. Therefore, in a dry mode air conditioner works the same way as in the cooling mode, only the temperature of air is reduced by no more than 1°C.

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Cleaning the air. To clear the air before the heat exchanger of the indoor unit, one or more filters are established. The main filter is designed to clean the air from large dust (coarse filter). Additional filters (fine filters) are designed for air cleaning from small dust particles, smoke and pollen.

Note that the fine purification of air is a good advertisement, but in practice it do not always produce tangible results. It is more efficient to use special air purifiers to clean the air. They are many times more effective than any air conditioners.

Setting the temperature. For cooling and heating you can set the desired temperature to within 1°C in a range of 16 to 30°C. Typically, the temperature sensor is installed in the indoor unit of air conditioner, but some models have an additional sensor, built in remote control. In this case the user chooses at what point the measurement of temperature will be.

Fan speed. The indoor unit fan can rotate at different speeds, respectively, changing the speed and number of air that passes through the indoor unit of air conditioner. Usually the fan has from 3 to 5 fixed speeds plus auto mode.

The direction of air flow. The direction of air flow generated by an internal unit of air conditioner, can be adjusted vertically by the horizontal plates (blinds) with 5 - 7 fixed positions.

Timer on and off. With a 24-hour timer you can set the air-conditioner's automatic turning on/off, for example, you can set air conditioner to turn on for an hour before returning home.

Night mode. After enabling this mode, air conditioning sets the minimum fan speed (noise reduction) and gradually increases (in cooling mode) or decreases (in heating mode) the temperature at 2 - 3 degrees for several hours.

Noise. Many consumers worry about the noise, which will produce a working air conditioner. Most modern residential air conditioners have a noise level of the indoor unit of about 26-36 dB, and the outdoor unit 38-54 dB. In addition, the human psyche is not peculiar to noticing a monotonic (and very quiet) murmur, that will generate your air conditioner.

Operating temperature. The normal temperature of outdoor air for optimal operation of air conditioning should be from -10 to +43°C. When the temperature has fallen to -10°C the physical properties of freon are not enough to heat the air (when working in heating mode) and significantly decreases the efficiency (when working on cooling), it increases the load on a compressor. In addition, without using a special winter kit (all-season block) at such a temperature, air conditioner can be broken and drainage freeze, which is fraught with outflow of condensate inside the room. Therefore, air conditioners for the winter are usually conserved.

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