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Water Heaters

Water Heaters, Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Window Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fan

Using this type of water heaters can be the best option when you need a sufficient quantity of hot water, and electricity for your home or the number of power for your cottage does not allow to use tankless water heaters, the average power consumption of which is ranging from 5 to 27 kW. Electric water heaters with tank are simple and reliable devices, the main elements of which are the inner tank and the heating element - heater. Fuel tank capacity, most manufacturers of water heaters typically range from 10 to 200 liters, the power from 1,2 to 2,5 kW. These two parameters determine the time of heating water in the boiler. For the 10 -, 15-liter boiler it takes about 30-40 minutes, for 200-liter - 5-8 hours. In addition to the tank and heating spiral, water heater usually consists of: magnesium anode (to prevent corrosion of the tank), insulation (conserves heat hot water), thermostat (allows you to set the desired temperature), the outer casing (gives the appearance of the boiler), the valve (for grazing pressure).


Water Heaters, Portable Room Air Conditioners, Best Air Purifiers, Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

The term HVAC, that means heating, ventilation and air conditioning, is denoted a system consisting of air conditioners, heaters and fans. This system plays not only an important role in ensuring your comfort, integrated HVAC system may be a central part of a smart house and work on a given program (for example, include air-conditioning at a certain time) or actuate certain devices (such as automatically closing the curtains in a living room with achieving a certain level of temperature).

Air conditioners

Water Heaters, Outdoor Ceiling Fan, Window Exhaust Fans, Ceiling Fan

Consumer features of air conditioners.

To make the right choice of air conditioner, you need to know its consumer functions. Here are the basics.

The possibility of heating the room. There are air conditioners, which can only cool the air, and air conditioners with the possibility of heating the air.

Air conditioner heats the air not with electric heating spiral as the heater does, but due to the heat transfer from the outside into the room. Thus, in a heating mode there is the same process as in a cooling mode.

"Warm" air conditioner generates heat three times more than it consumes electricity, but it can not work in winter. Heating function can be fitted in air conditioners of any type.

The possibility of ventilation. There is a widespread view that any air conditioner can not only cool, but also ventilate the air in the room. In fact, air conditioner does not get the air from the outside, but only cools the already existing. Function of adding fresh air is available only for channel air conditioners.


Water Heaters, Portable Room Air Conditioners, Best Air Purifiers, Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Ceiling fans give mobility to air that is similar to a light breeze, making an atmosphere in the room comfortable even at high temperatures. This is a classic, comfortable, environmentally friendly, and moreover, low-cost method of air cooling in contrast to air conditioners.

Universal Ceiling Fans

* The widest scope: can be used in residential premises or in service sector and in industrial buildings, in summer to cool and in winter for heat recovery.

Domestic Ceiling Fans

* Recommended for use in private homes or in service sector. There may be an element of design, giving the interior a special unique style.

Speed regulators and control panels for ceiling fans

* Designed for control of various models of ceiling fans. Considerably expands the possibilities of ceiling fans and allow the best use of their functions.

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